In my time at Fitness 535 there is no question that I've gotten stronger, faster and healthier than ever before. The challenging but accessible daily workouts and stellar coaching give me the means and confidence to meet any fitness goals I may set for myself and have allowed me to redefine what I see as possible for myself from a fitness perspective at this point in my life. However, what really sets 535 apart is the community of individuals who call the gym home. At 535 I found a family of coaches and athletes that is characterized by encouragement, friendship and support in an environment that is always welcoming, never intimidating. Through this unique combination of fitness and community, Fitness 535 has given me a place that strengthens me not just as an athlete but as an individual as a whole and for that I am grateful.

Rachel Porter Walmsley, Fitness 535 Member

Fitness 535 is way more than your average gym. I would go as far to say out of a list of all the things I get from being a member of 535 the workouts are on the bottom of that list. Now let me go back and clarify that last statement. The programing, the classes, the facility and the coaching are all top notch. I originally began CrossFit with the intention of improving my strength and endurance on the rugby pitch. And I have achieved that goal and then some thanks to the individualized workouts and expert knowledge from the trainers. However, that is not the reason I have chosen to make Fitness 535 my home gym. It's the relationships I have fostered, the community atmosphere, and the friends I've made that keep me coming back again and again.

I met Bo at his previous gym and knew immediately this is a guy who cares not only about making you stronger and healthier physically but also mentally and spiritually. When Bo decided to open up his own gym later that year, I and so many others followed. Bo and his fellow trainer, Derrick, have a true passion for coaching and helping others achieve their goals and Fitness 535 is the perfect place to do that. Again, fitness aside, the friends and family I have obtained from being a member far surpass any fitness goal I could ever reach. People who haven’t been part of this type of community don’t get it. My wife thought it was going to be an average gym experience until she finally joined me one day for a class. That was all she wrote. She understood what all the fuss was about. The personal attention and open arms of the trainers and members is far better than any other crossfit gym I have been a part of.

Fitness 535 is an amazing place to achieve any fitness goal you have laid out for yourself and to become a part of a supportive, friendly community. I challenge even the biggest CrossFit naysayers to come to one class at 535 and you will understand.

Jimmy Ready, Fitness 535 Member

We love 535! The coaches are great - always there to encourage and give you a little push when you need it. Bo's programming is always challenging but never intimidating because everything can be scaled to your level. The part is the people, they are always willing to welcome other into their 535 family.

Amanda Griffith, Fitness 535 Member