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Bo Seamon - Owner / head Coach
Degrees Earned
Graduated from Clemson University With a B.S. Health Science (preprofessional; exercise physiology)
CrossFit Level-1 Certificate August 2011, CrossFit Level-2 Certificate September 2017
2004-2006 - Single A Professional BMX Racing
2008-2010 Clemson Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation - Neurological - Orthopedics - Strength & Conditioning
2011-2014 Sport of Fitness CF Coach/Trainer
2013-Present Co-Owner/Head Coach LMCF

"I am very passionate about fitness! Fitness is more than a sport, it is a community that brings people together to promote quality of life. My goal is to inspire people to be better through education and motivation. I earned the opportunity to become a Physical Therapist but after realizing that I could impact the lives of others through fitness I changed directions. I tried working in a few "Globo" Gyms managing the personal training department, but found that it was greatly influenced by things other than improving health. In 2010 and began working at a "Box" in 2011 where I worked on becoming better at coaching and instructing. In December of 2013, my business partner and close friend Garris Gonce and I opened LMCF. During that time, I was asked to come back to the Northeast side and open a gym to continuing coaching people that had been on a fitness journey with me since 2011.  That's when we opened Fitness 535.  I have had the pleasure of coaching several athletes, from professional to "average joes". I enjoy seeing everyone make improvement! From a PR in a Snatch to just being able to get up off the floor. Your individual success and determination is what bring me to work each day. It has been a blessing and I owe it all to my Savior Jesus Christ."

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Degrees Earned
Associates from Midlands Technical College 2009
Certification in Surgical Technology 2009
CrossFit Level-1 Certificate February 2015
2002-2006 Competitive Cheerleading
2009-Present Certified Surgical Technologist
2013-2014 Volunteer Coach at Lake Murray CrossFit
Present Coach at Fitness 535

I have always been active! The types of activity have varied over the years from competitve cheerleading and gymnastics to running, kickboxing, and yoga. In 2013 I was introduced to my now husband and the world of CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting. Being a competitive person by nature, I was hooked immediately. It was such an awesome way to track personal progress and seeing results while getting to be involved in a unique community and seeing others achieve their own goals. I realized quickly that I wanted to be apart of that! I wanted to be apart of others journeys. After a couple of years of watching/learning from Bo and studying on my own I went on to achieve my Level 1 CrossFit Certification and coach on my own! It truly is a pleasure to not only educate, train, and inspire others but helping them become a better version of themselves. Whatever that may look like.

In July of 2014 Bo and I found out that we would be parents!!! After continuing to "crossfit" throughout my pregnancy and then returning to the gym 3 weeks after the birth of our son in March of 2015, I feel like I have even more to bring to anyone wanting to change their life or for the person thinking that change might not be possible. IT IS!!! The Lord has blessed me with this opportunity and I am thankful for the position He has placed me in.

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autaum morant - COACH
Degrees Earned
MBA - Webster University
B.A. Psychology - Converse College
History Minor - Converse College
Women's Studies Minor - Converse College
CrossFit Level-1 Certificate February 2014
2014 Coach at 803 CrossFit
2014-Present Coach at Fitness 535

As former collegiate soccer forward, Autaum L. Morant brings over 10 years of fitness expertise to Fitness 535. She holds a BA in Psychology, minors in History & Women's Studies from Converse College, a MBA from Webster University, and has her CrossFit L1.

She spent 7 1/2 years in corporate America as banker where she retired to pursue her lifelong passion of fitness. As founder of RUN with Faith, she has a heart for inspiring others to live their best lives through finance, fitness, & faith.

An accomplished endurance athlete, Autaum has been awarded several sponsorships such as Marathon bars, Aquaphor USA & LG Tone. Currently she is a sponsored athlete with FITAID, lynx barbell, X-1 Audio & wear test for Brooks & Saucony.

While taking a break from running, she discovered a love for CrossFit where her background in endurance sports has enabled her to excel. She is fueled by 1 Corinthians 9:25 "Every athlete in training submits to strict discipline, in order to be crowned with a wreath that will not last; but we do it for one that will last for ever." Autaum embodies the motto of Run with passion, Run with purpose, RUN with Faith!

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Degrees Earned
B.A. Visual Communication - Weber State University
B.A. Digital Media & Web Technologies - University of Maryland
CrossFit Level-1 Certificate June 2012
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certificate August 2013
CrossFit Rowing Certificate February 2013
2012-2014 Coach at Landstuhl CrossFit
2015-Present Coach at Fitness 535

Todd has been coaching for over 3 years at both Landstuhl CrossFit in Germany and recently Fitness 535. He holds a BA in Visual Communication from Weber State University and a BA in Digital Media and Web Technologies from the University of Maryland. He has his CrossFit L1, CrossFit Rowing and CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certifications.

He started CrossFit in 2011 in Colorado Springs at Progressive Fitness CrossFit and truly fell in love with the fitness regimen and community. He had his first opportunity to coach while stationed overseas in Landstuhl, Germany with his wife who is active duty Army. The opportunity to coach someone and not just help them improve their fitness but their quality of life was amazing.